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Smash Prequel  v.1.0

An open-source, fully customizable prequel to the game Super Smash Bros., as if it had come out when 16 bit platforms were still the most popular.

Best Reciprocal Hit from BLAST alignment  v.1.0

Windows command line utility calculating protein orthologs using best reciprocal hit from BLAST alignment output

SMASH  v.1.0

SMASH is an user level thread scheduler running on the Linux kernel which was originally developed in 2001 by Kurt Debattista In the university of Malta. This project is to continue developing it.

Ultimate Smash Friends  v.0.1.4

Ultimate Smash Friends is a 2d arcade fight game, inspired by the super smash bros nintendo series.

Hit Counter CGI  v.

Add a simple hit counter for your website.

Mega World Smash  v.1.0

Mega World Smash raises the bar for brick breaking games and makes Arkanoid FUN again!

One Hit Wonder Regular  v.1.0

An original truetype font with a special look

Cannon Smash  v.0.6.6

CannonSmash is a 3D tabletennis game.

Current Visitors Hit Counter  v.1

Designed for counting your current visitors and displaying the number of visitors currently at your website! Free! Colors Options! This is a fun counter for your

Hit Radio FFH / Android  v.1.0

Average user rating: 5.0 stars out of 1 votes See all user

HiT-MDS  v.1.0

Multidimensional scaling (MDS) is a powerful dimension reduction technique for embedding high-dimensional data into a low-dimensional target space.

Super Smash Bross ALL STARS  v.1.0

Objetivo a lograr un juego similar a el MultiHero (Pagina Oficial: basado en la libreria dx_lib32 v2.2(Creada por EX3,web oficial: la cual usa directX 8.1 en vb6

HIT-Center  v.1.0

The Home Information and Theater Center is a consistent presentation of personal information management, internet services, DVB, DVD, CD and other modularized data sources for those of us who are not intended to use a PC but a Set Top Box or a car radio.

Log Smash  v.1.0

the goal of this project is to create a desktop application that allows users to merge log files for use by analysis packages like awstats.

Bubble Splasher  v.2.0

Bubble splasher is a great free downloadable game. You have to hit other bubbles with your own bubble. To smash a bubble you need to hit one that is the same color as your shooting bubble.

Black Moon 2  v.1.0

Sequel to 2008's smash Silent Walk hit, Black Moon.

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